Wayson Choy in Vancouver — A Bookmark, a Tribute, a Team

This week, we take a break from our Literary Pilgrimages series to let you know about our newest Bookmark. On October 15th in Vancouver’s Chinatown, Project Bookmark Canada will be unveiling Bookmark 12: Wayson Choy’s The Jade Peony. In addition to being our first Bookmark west of Ontario, and the fact that we are Bookmarking a wonderful story in a fabled locale, we are particularly pleased that this Bookmark will feature two plaque panels: one with the passage in English, and one with the passage in Mandarin.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and resourcefulness of The Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop, Gung Haggis Fat ChoyHistoric Joy Kogawa House Society and Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society/explorASIAN, there will also be a special tribute dinner in honour of Wayson Choy on the evening before the unveiling. This is open to the public and proceeds will go to Project Bookmark Canada. If you are in Vancouver, we hope you will join us, to hear from Wayson and many of his literary influences. Thank you to Jim Wong-Chu, Todd Wong and Winnie Cheung for all their incredible work on this event.

Some very devoted people have assisted greatly with bringing this first Bookmark to Vancouver, and I would like to offer them our thanks–inadequate though it is–here. Anna Ling Kaye, writer, Literary Editor of Prism Magazine, President of the Asian Canadian Writers Workshop, founder of Hapapalooza, has taken the Choy Bookmark under her incredibly accomplished wing, doing everything from walking and photographing the site, to meeting with city officials, to arranging for translation assistance. There is no doubt in my mind that this installation would not have happened without Anna’s hard work and enthusiasm. Thank you, Anna.

Hal Wake, Artistic Director of the Vancouver Writers Fest has championed the possibility of Bookmarks in Vancouver since he first learned of our organization a few years ago. As the leader of a large arts organization, he has also greatly added to my understanding of how to shepherd a project from start to finish. As a result, we are bringing you the first Vancouver Bookmark in celebration of the festival’s 25th anniversary. Thank you, Hal.

Bryan Newson at the City of Vancouver has worked diligently to find the space and the resources to host The Jade Peony Bookmark at the corner of Pender and Gore. Thank you, Bryan.

The Metcalf Foundation sparked the funding for this Bookmark with an initial donation to help us take Project Bookmark Canada national. Thank you to Sandy and Kirsten and all.

Building a national network of sites and stories across our country is a huge undertaking and one that can only be realized with an incredible community effort. Thank you to the Vancouver team for Project Bookmark Canada, who are placing a vital stake in that network in this western city.

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