Give a Gift to a Reading Friend — and all Canadian Readers

I’ll be spending the holidays reading for new Bookmarks. I hope you, too will have some prologued reading time over the next few weeks.

If you’re still looking for a gift for some of your reading friends, please consider a contribution to Canada’s landscapes and literature: a charitable donation in your friends’ names to Project Bookmark Canada. We’ll send them acknowledgements and thanks, and together you’ll contribute to the network of sites and stories that we’re building across Canada. A gift to a friend can become a gift to all Canadian readers, for years to come.

We accept donations online via Canada Helps or by cheque, by mail.

Warm holiday wishes from all the Project Bookmark Canada team — our authors, board members and volunteers. We’ll be back in January with news on our Bookmark priorities for 2012.


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One Response to Give a Gift to a Reading Friend — and all Canadian Readers

  1. Lisa Bryson says:

    Great idea for anytime for the year! Many people will appreciate this gift for a birthday, special occasion or a “just because ” gift for a reading mentor such as a parent, grandparent, friend or teacher. Thanks for initiating this wonderful project.

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